'Conwy's Pets have felt the Pandemic'

  Posted: 20.01.21 at 17:24 by The Editor

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The pandemic has affected the mental health of cats and dogs as well as humans, says a mobile Conwy veterinary nurse.

Sasha Elias has worked as a veterinary nurse for 30 years and has been qualified since 1999 but says COVID is also affecting pets.

Sasha now runs Paws at Yours, a mobile pet service specialising in treating minor ailments at home. Saving animals unnecessary trips to the vets, Sasha visits pets at home to cut claws, remove matted fur and give specialised nutritional advice. She also runs a dog walking service.

Sasha, who has her own bearded collie named Indy after Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones character, says the pandemic has caused animals genuine issues.

“I think the pandemic has affected pets. Cats are probably slightly more stressed because some are used to people not being at home all the time, and all of a sudden, everybody is at home. I think cats find that a lot more stressful,” she said.

“Dogs as well to some degree – My dog was definitely more stressed the first two or three months of lockdown because he couldn’t just go and relax because people were moving around the house all the time, so he found it difficult to just go and chill.”

Sasha explained she had received her fair share of scratches from cats over the years but added many moggies were much calmer when treated at home.

“For cats especially, visiting the vets really stresses them out,” she said.

“So being able to clip their claws at home has been amazing for a lot of people. I have got a lot of regulars because it has taken all that stress away from visiting the veterinary practice – but I’ve had a few scratches over the years.”

And what’s the strangest job Sasha’s ever been called out to do?

“Cut a tortoise’s beak,” she said.

“And I was once chased out of a barn by a cow. They’re big animals. If they charge, you want to get out of the way.”

You can find Paws at Yours on their Facebook page or contact Sasha on 07428 561238.

Some of Paws at Yours’ services are affected by the current lockdown rules.

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