'We have lost an extremely good member of staff,' says Conwy Town Council committee chair

  Posted: 07.04.21 at 14:41 by The Editor

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A long-serving and respected Conwy Town Council councillor has paid tribute to a ‘hard-working' clerk whose exit was confirmed today.

Yesterday evening Conwy Town Council’s staffing committee met to discuss clerk Natasha Flint's resignation letter, which cited the reason for leaving as bullying.

The resignation was accepted after the majority of councillors voted in confidence for Mrs Flint to stay, but she declined.

Cllr Goronwy Edwards paid tribute to Mrs Flint but admitted he had been concerned for her health and said he didn't know if there would be any formal investigation into her claims.

“The resignation has been accepted. We didn’t have time to go on to the next part, which was about filling the role. We are having to reconvene next Monday,” said Cllr Edwards.

“We didn’t go into any detail of the reasoning behind it. Depending on what action she might wish to take, she might pursue it. The members will have their own views on what was expressed in the resignation letter.”

He added: “She (Mrs Flint) obviously feels she has been poorly treated, and I have a lot of sympathy.

“She has worked extremely hard. We’ve lost an extremely good member of staff who has worked extremely hard, especially over the period of the last twelve months during the period of COVID. She has virtually held the fort.

“Other members might feel different, but there was a vote of confidence, and she (Mrs Flint) was asked to stay, and she responded that, with everything that had gone on, it was damaging her health. My concern was very much about her health.”

The controversy follows a former councillor leaving and branding Conwy Town Council 'toxic', follows bullying allegations, an ombudsman inquiry, a Conwy standards committee investigation and thousands of pounds in legal fees. Read more here

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