Beating lockdown blues through yoga

  Posted: 22.02.21 at 17:38 by The Editor

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A yoga teacher is encouraging people struggling in lockdown to join her online classes.

Kate Hamilton-Kapur is one of several instructors teaching at the Bodnant Welsh Food Centre in the Conwy Valley through Om Yoga North Wales.

Classes at Bodnant offer traditional yoga, Pilates, ‘bilingual Celtic yoga’, ‘Vinyasa’ yoga and a Chinese body-movement system known as ‘Qigong’.

Kate, who is a former head girl at Ysgol John Bright in Llandudno and pupil at Ysgol Glanwydden, explained that since lockdown classes have moved online but said there were many benefits to taking part.

“Because I’ve been doing this 22 years, I can’t imagine my life without yoga,” she said.

“I do yoga every day. It’s like my compass. It brings me back to my centre, so if I’m feeling like I haven’t got much energy, I will lie down and do some movement. If I’ve got too much energy, I will go on my mat and do some quite fast yoga to rebalance myself. My meditation in the morning sets me up for the day. I sit with my candle and do some breathing and start to think about my day and what we are going to do.”

Kate explained yoga is perfect for people who are struggling during lockdown. She said the UK had a culture of dealing with stress by unwinding through unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol and eating the wrong food.

“Life’s stressful. Things come at you. You need a lot of resilience to get through, so I find yoga meditation keeps you in that equilibrium,” she said.

“We’re all prone to feeling tired, lethargic, frazzled, but it’s about having the tools to bring yourself back again to recognise when you’re out of balance.”

She added: “There’s lots and lots to learn about yoga, but you start off by getting people on a mat and get them moving their body, get them releasing tension in their shoulders, get them to breathe into their belly instead of into the top of their chest, which is how we breathe when we are stressed.

“I show people they have the power to make themselves feel better, so that is empowering. I hope I empower people so they don’t need to go home from work and down half a bottle of wine. They can go home and do half an hour on their yoga mat.

“What I really want at Bodnant is to create a real community, a real hub where lots of people can come and try different types of yoga and go for coffee together afterwards. It’s a lovely venue.”

You can book online classes with Om Yoga through Facebook, or at the website here or contact Kate on 07778 134846.

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