Conwy Town Council tentative to return to Guild Hall

  Posted: 08.06.21 at 16:33 by The Editor

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Conwy Town Council tentatively discussed returning to the Guild Hall for meetings last night after 15 months of Zoom calls.

The town council has purchased equipment to hold ‘hybrid’ meetings allowing some councillors to attend the Guild Hall and others to tune in remotely via Zoom.

Conwy Town Council, though, recently trialled the ‘hybrid’ equipment for the recent AGM and mayor-making ceremony where a small number of councillors attended the Guild Hall and others dialled in through Zoom.

But whilst some councillors were keen to return to physical meetings, others reminded their colleagues that some people were still shielding.

It was also noted that full attendance would not be permitted under current COVID rules anyway.

Cllr Helen Roberts commented: “I think with this Indian variant working its way through the Junction and Deganwy, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, etc, I think we should hold off moving back into the Guild Hall for now.”

Cllr Shari Bailey-Barber agreed: “Some people do have vulnerable people to protect, and also, certainly in the short to medium term, as I understand it, it is unlikely that we would all be allowed into the Guild Hall anyway.”

Cllr Joan Vaughan added: “I take Cllr Helen’s point as well, but I think we do need to discuss this, as we do have workers in the Guild Hall so maybe a hybrid of meetings where some people would go into the Guild Hall and some would join us by Zoom.”

Councillors were asked how the unofficial hybrid ‘trial’ went at the AGM. While councillors attending the Guild Hall enjoyed the meeting, those tuning in remotely reported technical problems.

Councillors were told by the acting clerk many of the problems were caused by councillors not ‘turning on their light’.

Mayor Cllr Collette Ryan said she thought it was important the council returned to the Guild Hall.

“I do think that, where possible, it’s very important that we get back into the Guild Hall, obviously agreeing with everything with what Cllr Shari is saying and Cllr Clare (Parry),” she said.

“If somebody is shielding themselves, I understand completely; however, the majority of workforce are back at work, and I think it is important that we show solidarity by getting back as well.”

Cllr Ryan suggested that the town council revisit the conversation when Welsh Government legislation is reviewed later this month. Cllr Helen Roberts then proposed this, and Cllr Joan Vaughan seconded it.

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