Conwy Town Council to consider Clerk's resignation letter tonight after bullying claims

  Posted: 06.04.21 at 14:27 by The Editor

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Conwy Town Council’s staffing committee will meet in private tonight to discuss the resignation of its clerk.

The town clerk resigned from her position 10 days ago after a row broke out at a Conwy Town Council Civic Committee meeting.

Clerk Mrs Natasha Flint, Conwy Nub News understands, cited intimidation, bullying and harassment as the reasons for quitting in her resignation letter after three years in the job.

The staffing committee meeting takes place at 6.30 pm.

An anonymous councillor described Mrs Flint’s treatment to Conwy Nub News as deplorable. Another described the clerk as ‘hard working and professional’.

Conwy Nub News understands that while Mrs Flint has the backing of most councillors, a small group want her to leave.

The resignation is the latest in a series of fallings out at the council. The latest conflict started after the press and public were wrongly ejected from a public meeting, following councillors misusing a confidentiality clause after taking a secret vote to ban the press – a vote that should have been made in public.

The controversy follows a former councillor leaving and branding Conwy Town Council 'toxic', follows bullying allegations, an ombudsman inquiry, a Conwy standards committee investigation and thousands of pounds in legal fees. Read more here

Last week an anonymous councillor said Conwy Town Council was plagued by nepotism

Cllr Mike Priestley also accused the town council of making the agenda up on the hoof

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