Lifeboat reports on Conwy Quay Fire

  Posted: 04.04.21 at 14:40 by The Editor

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Conwy Lifeboat has revealed the details of yesterday’s fire on Conwy Quay.

Two boats caught fire on Saturday afternoon and as many as ten emergency vehicles attended, including four fire engines.

During the incident, the Quay was closed as emergency services dealt with the blaze. The boat that started the fire later sank.

A Conwy Lifeboat spokesman commented: “Conwy RNLI launched to assist a yacht which had caught fire

“Our volunteer crew were paged today (Saturday) by UK Coastguard at 1:37 pm to launch and assist a developing incident. A yacht was on passage outbound from Conwy Marina where the yacht unfortunately caught fire.

“The four crew had noticed smoke emanating from the engine space hatch. After initially attempting to extinguish using fire extinguishers, the fire unfortunately escalated out of control. They subsequently raised the alarm and were successfully assisted off the vessel shortly after. There was an Easterly breeze, coupled with an incoming flood tide, which subsequently carried the yacht upriver, in the direction of the town quay. Conwy lifeboat stood by, monitored the situation and updated UK Coastguard as appropriate.

“Ashore, multiple agencies were gathering on Conwy Quay. UK Coastguard Llandudno Coastguard Rescue Team, North Wales Police and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service were all in attendance.

“By now the fire was well established and the vessel drifted onto a pontoon opposite the Quay wall and was held against another smaller vessel which sadly also caught fire. Given the billowing smoke, the decision was made to close off the Quay.

“The Harbour Office’s barge, under command of the Harbour Master, successfully assisted the fire service with transporting firefighters and equipment to help successfully extinguish the fire.

“Unfortunately whilst the casualty vessel was being re located towards the shoreside, it succumbed to its damage and sank. The secondary yacht, which had caught fire, was successfully moved to the foreshore, so as to assist the fire service in ascertaining whether the fire was fully extinguished.

“Shortly before 4 pm (yesterday) the lifeboat recovered and was washed, refuelled and made ready for future service calls.”

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