New Conwy Town councillor vows to be the voice of community

  Posted: 09.07.21 at 10:40 by The Editor

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Conwy’s brand-new councillor has vowed to be the link between the town council and the community.

Sian Grady won the Aberconwy seat yesterday against her popular opponent James John Anderson.

Sian is following in the footsteps of her late mum, Betty Pattinson, a much-loved former Conwy mayor, councillor and local historian.

Sian told Conwy Nub News she wanted to make sure the community was getting the information it deserved.

“I’m very passionate about planning, and I’d like to keep my eye more on that,” she said.

“I feel nobody has enough information anymore, considering everything is on social media these days. I’ve lived here all my life, and when I was younger, we knew everything about anything happening in Conwy, and everybody got involved, and now you don’t see as much of that.

“I think especially with planning, things seem to have already happened before you’ve had chance to say anything about it.”

Sian also said she wanted to make a difference to older people, citing Conwy County Council’s decision to cut funding for an elderly day centre at Clwb Yr Efail.

“I think we need to reach out to the elderly more because they need so much help, and the county council cutting the grants at the elderly centre at this time, coming out of a pandemic, is absolutely disgusting, and I think they need to be held to account on that,” she said.

Sian said information was key, adding the low turnout in the election yesterday of 17% proved residents didn’t know what was going on at the town council.

“My one main issue is information because lots of things do go on, but only the same people hear about them, and the rest of us don’t know, so they don’t get involved because they are not part of that crowd of people,” she said.

“I’m appalled about the low (election) turnout, and I don’t know whether it is apathy, but people have said, ‘don’t worry about the turnout; just enjoy winning’, but a lady commented and said, ‘I didn’t vote because I don’t know anything about what the town council do. I don’t know who you are, and maybe you could address that’.

“I’d like to do that. That’s an important thing. You know, who are your town councillors? The councillors have been there for years, and I know the councillors, but that is because I’m into the council world. I would like to be a link, to get people the information they need, between the council and the community.”

Sian said: “Thank you, everybody who voted for me. Thank you, James, for trying because he is young and has given it a go, and he’s been a friendly opponent. I’ll try my best to do what I can.”

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